About us

About us

Who we are

Genesys Tech Lab Pvt.Ltd. headquartered at Hyderabad was established in the year 2019. With a strong vision towards pursuing and adopting the emerging technologies wide in range, we have expanded our development centers in Malaysia,Singapore,USA,Australia, United Kingdom and Dubai.

Genesys Tech Lab Pvt.Ltd. Laid its foundation with an enthusiastic team of 10 people. Adopting to the expansion in technological advancement our dedicated team ensured in learning and implementing the new technologies. This paved us a way to increase our client list across the globe. The rate of challenges to deliver our services have shown far high on graph with respect to which the dedicated team has expanded to a size of 100+ n every development center. The basic UI/UX technology is our first line of service and later we moved into Web-Development , Mobile-App-Development , .NET , Python , Java , SAP B1 , Cloud Services ,Digital Marketing services.

We are not only into TECHNOLOGY SERVICES but also into IT Consulting , Campus Drives , Implementing Trainings for Skill Development Programs as Corporate Social Responsiblity.

IT Consulting

  • An established Technology Training department at Genesys Tech Labs Pvt. Ltd. trains the people and ensures our clients find talents according to their skill set requirement.
  • Taking up new challenges and creating space in It industry, our associations were expanded to more than 60+ level 5 companies and 150+ level 3 and mid variant companies.
  • The Consulting process at Genesys Tech Labs collaborate for both contractual jobs and full-time jobs that meets the organizational requirements with respect to the tailoring budgets.
  • We are also into IT project consulting being a startup technology partner and work together with well established startu companies and deliver projects

Campus Drives

Right job at the initial level of career helps one grow their career in the next levels. We help the people find their job at campus level laying the bridge between corporate companies and colleges. Our campus drives targets the students from remote areas (Rural areas) and conducts drives by our associated partners. The students from various domains like electronics, mechanical, infrastructure mining and pharmaceutical were enabled to get placed in various level 5 and level 3 companies.

Corporate Social Responsiblity Programmes

Being into the corporate sector, we will come across various platforms and forms of corporate cultures in our regular flow of tasks. Implementing such advancements in the corporate startup companies helps in overcomming the crisis or imbalances across the globe. In suport of Swach Bharath, we took part in various programs on health campaign,saving trees,how to reduce the pollution and protect the society from smoke which is emmited by vehicles. From the organizational calendar, we have scheduled our weekends in conducting workshops and seminars on technology and personal grooming in colleges.

Genesys Culture

  • With the flexibility and freedom to learn we enable, our software professionals give the creative and productive results.
  • We continuously endeavor to give them opportunities for their skill development and exposure to new technologies, through internal and external training programs.
  • We provide inter-group mobility for optimal utilization of the experience and expertise of our people.
  • The HRD group plans for each individual career development and offers challenging assignments worldwide tracking the industry standard in productivity based incentives and service longevity bonus etc. for implementing best retention programs.
  • Genesys has training facilities that provides an intensive training program on project execution methodologies, coding standards and quality procedures to entry level programmers.
  • It also provides on-going training programs including managerial skills, personality development skills, technological skills, etc.


  • Genesys Tech Labs visualised its process to formulate virtual business enclaves with a Mision of providing leading edge enterprise solutions.
  • We are collaboratively working to strengthen the existing product portfolio of Doctor’s Clinic, Online Banking, Hospital Management System, Web Based Project Management System and other products.
  • We have designed the state of the art training classes to produce the best quality of IT professionals into Onsite services and corporate services which includes Business development, Infrastructure development, Technical support, Project Management, and quality assurance.
  • Our Mission is to undertake different types of offshore development projects and developInternet based products of International repute.